Individually-tailored architectural design (remote Internet service).

Individuallytailored  architectural design (remote Internet service).

To order the Schematic Design Project we kindly ask you to provide the following details:

  • Use of the building/s
  • Design specifications (if available)
  • Land plot plan (Scale 1:500) or lot lines (if available). Physical address of the land plot may be helpful for analysis, so you may provide it via
  • your suggestions and ideas on architectural style of the building/s

Hi-res pictures of the land plot, surrounding buildings and the area will be of use (!)

Using remote Internet connection – every customer got an option for free and in-depth consultation by dedicated experts, accompanied by recommended practices and advices. All means of communication are available.

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Company location:
20700 Smila, Cherkassy region
32, Michurina str.

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